Thursday, February 14, 2008

About the Blog

Hi.. Everybody..

So, here we are to discuss all the aspects of installing Windows Vista. We will try to cover and explore all the aspects of installation of vista and what ever update and service packs available upto date .

Then the Question is why a Blog for such a task which is as simple as breaking a cookies ?

Well what i have to state, with different OS in the market and going with a latest one and dropping the existing sometimes brings a lot of mess and confusion the way to approach.

When a non technical person try to take the things handy the overall task is just like concurring a new aspect for him and his computer support skill. It's my small step forward to share my knowledge and insight..

So, Just get along with the post's and HAPPY INSTALLATION :)

Last but not the least to state your appreciation and query's are most welcome..

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