Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Upgrading from Windows XP to Windows Vista with an “Upgrade” Install

The principle is a sound one at first – users would simply use the upgrade functionality built into the “Setup” process of Windows Vista so that there is no need to reinstall the programs one uses, as well as all of the user's personalized settings are “transferred” to the new operating system using this process.

Unfortunately, Windows XP and Windows Vista are entirely different computer operating systems; each OS is built on entirely different code and the fundamental workings of the separate operating systems are like chalk and cheese. In practice therefore, any computer support personnel cannot recommend that the “Upgrade” installation method be used as it has been shown that users doing so experience many problems with drivers and program compatibility even after using the Windows Vista Upgrade Advisor

Users would be better off with a clean Vista installation using any of the previous installation methods discussed above, and ending up with a Vista operating system which is “unaffected” by the shortcomings of the previous versions of Windows, including its programs and hardware drivers.

With the above issues being raised and discussed regarding the XP to Vista upgrade path, PROnetworks believes it necessary to not only provide users with an in-depth XP to Vista upgrade guide, but to also to inform users seriously considering the upgrade path on what they are likely to expect during this upgrade installation method; the link below will take you to a highly detailed XP to Vista upgrade installation guide:

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