Thursday, June 11, 2009

"Windows 7" to affect the PC market is insignificant - say Microsoft executives

Microsoft's Windows division's top executive in the U.S. on June 8, "Windows 7" and am very excited about, but the release of the OS that will lead to a surge in PC sales has not said .

"In general, Windows has the market when released, it is a minor effect, witnessed by the history that" a Microsoft senior vice president Bill Veghte said, "UBS Global Technology and Services Conference "in the" fireside chat ". "Although you see some impact, it is negligible" (Veghte's)

Veghte said last week, Microsoft is on October 22 announced that Windows 7 will ship. The company is in a few weeks, "Windows Vista" with a new buyer for the PC, Windows 7 also launched a program to provide free or cheap upgrade. Leaked memo from Best Buy, said the program would be scheduled to start late.

Veghte said the market for many companies is "Windows 7 zealot" but that, in order to determine when to upgrade your computer company to become the biggest decisions of their enthusiasm.

"Enthusiasm, it might have been masked by the macro economic environment," said Veghte, Microsoft said in a speech webcast on the Investor Relations website. "The macro environment is restored, people will be forced toè²·WAZARU a new PC. In the current environment, people often use the PC is not decreased at all" (Veghte's)

Mr. Veghte, Windows 7 by, Microsoft Windows is the average selling price (ASP) will increase if the questions were tough. Windows in ASP, low-cost notebook PC with an expansion of the popular online book is a big hit.

"The answer to that question is very difficult," Veghte said. "In the current economic environment, (for Windows XP, Windows Vista and around the time that has just been released) will be a similar situation I think it is very difficult. If the economy, it is very interesting questions will "(Veghte's)

In addition, Veghte said Microsoft also asked about recent efforts to cut costs, this approach has enrolled his 19-year period in which Microsoft has ever experienced even once, he said. Veghte said that if what you really need all the spending that is under consideration.

"Everything has been examined in detail," Veghte said. "I am, you change the corporate culture, are forced to pay the price really hard. I am, which Microsoft believes that it is wonderful for its corporate culture" (Veghte's)

Microsoft Windows Vista for the user on whether to prepare an inexpensive upgrade, Veghte said there was no clear answer. However, Veghte said, Microsoft is, at prices from a "very smooth" and hopes to provide an upgrade path.

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